Fruit And Flower Farm

my grandparents and great grandparents owned a flower and fruit farm right near the bay, it was always breezey and so much space room for cattle, chooks, pigs, horse, sheep, farm dogs and cats.  there was always plenty of food and they didn't want for much, they had some money when needed for vets, or home improvemnts or farming goods etc.  but life was always so unique, the old farm house only had 2 and half bedrooms, and large venerander, and large kitchen, a small bathroom that had no shower or sink, but they had this beautiful big bath tub with lion paws iron feet, old big lantons my grandfather took out to sea when he worked out fixing ships and this old square kitchen sink.  they had this big packing area for packing strawberries, and flowers.  we had a old swing, mulberry trees, avocado, custard apple trees, and persimon trees.

they grew fruits like watermelon, rockmelon, strawberries, honeydews, and sweetpea, gladiolii, asters, hollyhocks, sunflowers, stock and car

nations.  it was so nice to escape the daily crap of life and go to the farm. all they did was work and  feed catle and eat. we listened to the stock martket report religiously, and classical music and the news on the radio. we'd sit and watch the lights on the flower farm down the road, and you could leave the door open at night without fear of break and enters. it was much more bush and rural then, they had this great white iron horizonal fence like in the southern usa farms.lie was sweet then

when my grandmother didn't drink.  she'd buy us kids stuff, and we'd wash the vegitables from the farm and go up to the italians farm and pick tomatoes, peas, cucmbers. they'd have slide and card nights.

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