Amazing Movie

So one night I was debating what to do, like I was tonight till I decided to share my opinion about this movie, and I stumbled upon The Myth.  For those of you who haven't seen it, it's sort of a flipper.  Jackie chan plays as a modern archaeologist and a past general from china.  And in the modern time he has dreams about the princess he was bringing back to the emperor in old times, and throughout the movie he seeks answers to why this is happening while his friend (who ties in with the story) is trying to discover how to float, or fly.  

Overall, I think it was a great movie, had love, fight scenes I can only say were epic, and jackie chan, who can hate him :)  Although, the end was sort of disappointing...when the princess asks him if he's the general or not and he says no, I was like wait, he's the general reincarnated...just in modern times, so why would he say no?  But (yes i'm ashamed to say) I got a little teary when she said she would wait for him forever... 

Anyway, good movie, good plot, see it :)

Gemini15 Gemini15
18-21, M
Mar 14, 2009