It Made Me Want To Build A Time Machine

carnivale was, dare i say, possibly, the best tv show ever.

i loved how dirty and dusty everything was, the characters ratty clothes. the clothes! the hair! everything about it felt so realistically 1930's(not that i'd know i wasn't alive then haha)

i think what made carnivale so special was the fact that we were shown a good side, and a bad side, to every single character. so i loved all of them even more because none were perfect. even brother justin had his kind moments.

i watched it a couple of summers ago, during a heatwave, i had holidays off work, i sat around sweating my *** off watching episode after episode, i couldnt stop, i was hooked.

i miss when i hadnt finished watching it, i wish i was still halfway throught it now.

my favorite charachters are lila, lodz, rita-sue, libby, .. actually i love them all!

horriblegirl horriblegirl
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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

I loved the show too! there are many scenes that I will never forget. Remember when Libby let whats his name, **** her in the ***? She said she didn't want him "going in the same place all the Jons do" That was so sexy and naughty yet so innocent and sweet! kind of described the whole series.