I think I have a little crush on Pheobe.  She's definitely sexy.

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well, I know I'm going of the deep end but something about Piper's teeth made me not want to see her often. All of them look like sharks teeth and I always felt as if she was battling psychological issues with her weight. yeah, I know sounds like crazy talk but ......consider the source. <br />
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Pumkin, IMs. Pink just called me from work and it seems like I'm the only person on this earth that didn't know that Phoebe is an old child star. Whew! How did that one slip past me. I really think this girl is gorgeous.

OMG! I'm completely caught off guard. I didn't recognize Alyssa from this show b4. I watched this show a thousand times growing up but didn't recognize her. Pumpkin!!!!! Pumkin Girl!!!! You just opened up a wonderful memory for me. Thank you dear~ Thank you Soooooo Very Much! <br />
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I watched a couple of episodes on Youtube.

Who's your boss? I'm not familiar with that show. Looks like a google is in order here. Pumpkin, I can't exactly place my finger on what I like about her (pun intended) but I would sure like to. *wink*