Cheers Me Up...

I love the show. Always, when I feel depressed and once again crashed by my own exaggerated ambitions whispering into my ear how I haven't managed to accomplish anything in my life ... I watch King of Queens ... and feel better.

Suddenly I feel that life can be good - that simple life I am always scared of, the little joyful moments, the tiny reasons for a smile, the meaningless and harmless arguments, the hugs, the "we-against-the-world" feeling with your loved one, all the never-ending worries, which everyone has (and not just ME), the "wasted time" of not changing the world, not making big bucks, not high-performing, not even trying your best ..... just watching TV and eating a good old donut.

Yep, this is life and this ain't bad.
I want to be happy with what I have and what I do.
I wish I could - just like Doug and Carrie.
Earthvisitor Earthvisitor
Nov 26, 2012