I Love To Be Spanked

i love to be spanked being a submissive sissybitch! its great to have my dress pulled up and panties down while over my Mistress lap and get spanked by her until my bum cheeks are red!! it feels so painful and humuliating but so got!sometimes i am punished by a strap or the cane or back of hairbush!often my sissyclitty gets hard and sometimes **** then i have to lick it up and get a further punishment for being a bad sissy!!!

mandiejune mandiejune
51-55, M
2 Responses Mar 13, 2010

I'd love to spank your bottom MandieJune. Just the thought of coming up behind you, pulling you over to the bed, bending you over, lift your dress, pull down your panties and giving you a couple of good slaps....then I would kiss your soft buns better.

I love to be caned dressed in girls clothes either with my knickers still on or pulled down.I love to see photos of me bent over waiting for my naughty girl punishment.