I Buy a Freind Dinner, Then Give Him My Wife.

My wife and I owned a service station in a very small town. We had discussed having a ******** withanother man. I was in my mid thirties, my wife was in her twenties. How I ever got her I'll never know. I married her at 18. She was 5'5" 125lbs, Long curly brown hair, 35-25-36, and the biggest blue eyes you've ever seen.

Across the street from our buisness, was a Firestone store. It was managed by a youg good looking guy named John. I learned that john would on occasion take willing young women to the upstairs office, and have them for lunch. While having a beer one day, I mentioned the idea of sharing my wife Jane. He said in a half joking manner that if she wanted to get laid by another man, to send her over at lunch time, and he'd be glad to **** her till she couldn't walk.

While discussing our sexual fantasies on night, I told Jane of my conversation with John. She really got interested in the conversation, but didn't want to make me madso she didn't come right out and say she wanted to go. She did however ask how I'd feel about her being across the street without me knowing she was getting ****** on our friends desk. The more we talked, I realized I trusted her, and would let her do this if she really wanted to. I was a little surprised, when she went to the phone, calkled John, and told him she'd be over for lunch with him tomorrow.

The next morning jane got up and started dressing for work. She showered, shaved her *****, applied peerfume to her most intimate places, and put on a little see through teddy under her company jumpsuit. My **** was so hard I could hardly zip my pants. And it stayed that way all morning, from me thinking about what was to take place.

I told her I was having second thoughts about her going. She said it was just jitters. She would be right across the street, with a guy we trusted, and besides, she was so excited from the expectations of what was to come, that there was no way she was not going. about 11:30, she kissed me goodby, and I watched her sexy body walk over to be ****** by another man. ( I must have been craszy )

Well lunch took longer than the 45 minutes i was expecting. When Jane finally walked back across that street, it was 21/2 hrs. later, and I could yell she was ****** out.

When we got a chance to be alone, she told me what had happened; Apparently Johns boss had showed up unexpectedly. (or not)  John told jane that he had told his boss about their arrangement. His boss said there was no way he was going to allow that to happen on compant time. ----Uless, John was willing to share. John told Jane that if he couldn't convince her to let his boss **** her too, he would probably lose his job. My wife thought it over, and decided that one more guy wouldn't make much difference. John took her over and introduced his boss to her. He said " Jerry, This is lunch. Jery was a black man about 35 yrs. old, 6' tall and very muscular. He walked over, took my wife in his arms, and kissed her like they had been lovers for years. She said when they finished with her, she felt like they had been. They took her up to the office, where she ******** out of her jumpsuit. The two guys, seeing how she was dressed, literally attaced her. Jerry pushed her to her knees, and told her to dsuck his ****. John just stood back and let his boss takle the lead. After he came in her mouth, he bent her over the desk, and rammed his big black **** all the way to his balls inside cute *****.He told john to get over there and get his **** in her mouth, so he could help hold her down while he pile drived his **** into her.

Jane said the reason she was there so long, is that niether guy would get soft. She took their ***** in her mouth, in her *****, in her tight little ***, and in every position she had ever heard of.

I guess we all won that day; Jane got ****** like most women only dream of, John and Jerry got a really fine piece of young white ***, John got a big pay raise, And when jane got back, I closed the doors, and ****** my wife hard. ( I had a lot of emotions to get rid of, and I left them all in her *****.


Note: These stories I write are all true. This is number two, and there are several more to come.

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Only thing better would be to have it on video to fap to forever

Thanks for posting this. It reminded me of a story early last summer that happened to me.<br />
<br />
My compact car's dash indicated an engine problem. My husband found a repair shop three miles from our home and I drove it over the next day for a diagnosis. The 28 year old owner looked it over and said he could take care of it the next day.<br />
<br />
He spent a lengthy time talking with me about more than the car and we got along famously. Dexter was about 5'10", had black hair and blue eyes and looked like he spent a lot of time body building. He was clearly flirting and asked if I was married. I told him I was.<br />
<br />
When my husband arrived home from work that night, I told him about the guy. He said, "Sounds exciting. I don't mind if you want to **** him."<br />
<br />
I drove to the shop the next morning. He assigned a specialty mechanic to my car and invited me to his office for coffee. As he handed me the cup, his hand lingered and I stroked his arm. He kissed me and asked if I minded accompanying him over to his condo a few blocks away from the shop. The car would be ready in a couple of hours.<br />
<br />
I rode in the passenger seat. His erection beneath his blue slacks was evident. Once inside his home, he closed the door. We undressed as we walked from the living room to his bedroom. I told him his **** was half again longer than my husband's.<br />
<br />
He urged my back to the bed, pushed apart my legs and entered me. I met each thrust. We ****** for more than an hour.<br />
<br />
He phoned his shop, found the mechanic was finishing up on my car, and drove me back. He was almost apologetic about charging me full price and I told him that I hadn't expected any discount. <br />
<br />
But I added, "On the other hand, you also got a tip," and he laughed, thanking me.<br />
<br />
I haven't had any need to return to his shop but it was a fun day.

This is a great encounter, very sexy and horny!

Your wife is the luckiest woman in the world. Seriously. She gets to **** like a pornstar and not feel bad about it or you feel too jealous over it.