My Boss Used My Wife

At one point in my life, I took a job as a shift foreman in a littli family owned Die shop.The owners son in law,(my boss) and I had been aquainted for some time as members of the same CB club.I knew that his marriage was a loveless one. He only stayed because his in-laws had a stanglehold on his finances. I also knew that he was having an affair with his sister in-law.

Mike was about 47, 25 yearrs older than my wife. He was a powerfully built Italian man, with graying hair beard and mustash.As you know, my wife and I had been playing with swinging. Jane thought Mike was really sexy for his age. She was never turned off by older men(smart girl) One Saturday night, Mike asked to borrow my lincoln. He had a date with his sister-in-law, and was affraid someone would see his car at the motel. about an hour after he left, he returned, and was not happy. His date wanted him to leave his family, and run away with her. Needless to say, his night had been ruined.

I told my wife to go upstairs and put on something sexy. If she wanted Mike to **** her, this was the night. Afew minutes later, she came down rearing a see through baby doll outfit that left nothing to the imagination.

Mikes jaw about hit the floor. I told him rather than risk his family, he could **** Jane and not worry about involvement. He was speachless.

My wife walked over to him, took him by the hand, and led him to our bedroom. She asked me to give them some time alone to discuss the situation. I know now that all she wanted to discuss was getting his **** inside her.

I was dying imagining what was taking place upstairs.(lots of moaning and bed squeeking) I managed to wait almost an hour. I quietly slipped into the bedroom. Jane was naked, laying across his thighs (her favorite position for oral sex) sucking his big **** for all she was worth. I asked her if she was going for seconds. She said "no thirds". I got on the bed, and stuck my **** in her usually tight ***. tonight, it was loose and very wet. She said Mike had just come in her ***, and shot what feilt like a gallon of come in her. When i finished, she crawled up and put Mikes **** in her ***** for the second time that night. I watched while she rode him hard, comming three or four times before he shot his third load of the night in her.(older men can put a young man to shame when he's with a sexy young woman.)

After she cleaned him up with her mouth, he came in her mouth again. He didn't have much come to give, but niether of them minded much.

we went downstairs and talked on the couch. Jane stayed naked, tongue kissingMike amd rubbing his now soft **** while we talked. Mike complimented me on my wifes performance, and said that we were such good friends, and he was my boss, I shouldn't mind if he came over once or twice a week, and **** her. I wasn't crazy about that idea, but a few weeks later, I started ******* his 18 year old daughter. I guess were even.

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how can i get my wife to do that ?you are one lucky man its not so much the f++++++ but i would love to see her suck another mans c+++ till he was dry

did you get any suggestions?

if only everything in life was this good.

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My boss was ******* my wife for a long time he didn't know that I know it but he would send me out of town a lot. Every time he sent me away I knew he was ******* my wife. Most of my coworkers were ******* her anyway

My wife has also ****** her boss. I liked it.

This is definitely a way to win job security. And the 18 year old is an unusual perk.

When my boss started ******* my wife my overtime increased considerably plus I was getting a lot of long distance road calls.<br />
Every time I was sent out of state I knew my boss was ******* the hell out of my wife he had no idea that I know about it, I wanted it to stay that way.

My wife was always a big flirt she was already ******* the parts man at the company I work for, evidently my boss found out about it he got some of that ***** also he did not know that I knew he was ******* her. When I setting in a lot of overtime I knew he was getting a lot of ***** from my wife which I did not mind.<br />
<br />
She was also ******* one of my family members I did not say anything about that for some time.

Time to start sharing - have a foursome with all of you together. He and his daughter would probably be willing to get it together, if they haven't already.

We have been there and done that,my wife is a real squirter and gets embarassed but my friends just love it,they can`t get enough of her and is such a turn on for me. When we first started her comment of you guys are so good was just heavenly to hear she is so hot. Hope this helps, we are 59 and 60 and going strong LOL, Ray & Paulette.

Wouldn't it be awesome if your wife got impregnated by him?!!!

hey man ur gr8, nothing like it. to be so understanding to ur woman. i love thinking like u too

sounds pretty even :)