John From Firestone, Episode 2

My last story detailed my wifes lunchtime experience with john. A week or so later, John called and wanted to get together with Jane and I. I suggested dinner at a place about 30 miles away. I figured we'd have a chance to talk, and set some ground rules as I didn't want this to get out of hand.

Jane wore tight white jeans, and a see through blouse with no bra. I asked her if she thought that might be a little too daring for dinner. She said " why? he's already ****** me, and I just want to keep him interested. And I really don't know anyone there, or care what they think". Enough said.

As we drove to dinner, John couldn't keep his eyes off my wifes ****. ( I couldn't blame him. She really looked good.) I realized there are many conflicting feelings involved with this lifestyle. I told myself that if I was willing to let other men **** my wife, it was really stupid to be jealous of what she wore, or if she atracted their attention. wasn't that the point?

We talked about their last encounter as we ate, and I was hard as a brick. John said he wanted jane again, and maybe have her on many future occasions. Before I could answer, Jane said that sounded great. I asked john when he had in mind. He said he hoped we would go to his house after dinner.

As we drove home, Jane started kissing him, and feeling his **** through his jeans. John looked at me, and I just shrugged. There wasn't too much I could say.John unbuttoned her shirt, and was kissing and squeezing her **** as we drove. I had trouble driving. The next time I looked, Jane had opened his jeans, and was sucking his ****. You've got to know we had the attention of many vehicles driving beside us.

John lived in a small house behind a local church in our small town. It just so happened that that night was chior practice. Since it was mid summer, all the church windows were open. As we parked, Jane started to close her shirt. John stopped her saying if she was going to go in and **** him, she should get out in front of who ever was looking and walk in to his house with him in her state of undress. I was to follow. I guess he was establishing his hold over my wife. Before I could object, Jane got out with her **** in full view, Kissed him deeply, took his hand, and walked into his house. We knew many people in that church. Some of them were our customers. She didn't leave much doubt as to what was going to happen in that house.

John took me into the living room, turned on the tv, and told me to make myself comfortable. He then went to the dining room, turned on the stereo, removed my wifes shirt, and asked her to dance with him. I sat and watched while he felt her up, and mashed her breasts against his bare chest as they danced. THey talked quietly as they danced and reached some kind of agreement.

Jane walked over to me and kissed me. I can't decribe the feelings I had Kissing my half naked wife, Tasting and smelling another mans cologne all over her body, and on her lips. Jane said she wanted to be alone with John for awile, to get things started before I joined them. John then led her to his bedroom, and closed the door. (not all the way) I think he wanted to make sure I heard him ******* and sucking my wife. And I did.

When I couldn't stand it anymore, I went to the door and peeked in. Jane was on her knees between his legs sucking his big **** like she wanted to suck it off his body. She was going nuts. John soon took her pretty long hair in his hands, and face ****** her till he emptied his come down her throat. As they changed positions to ****, I joined them. We ****** her two or three times each, before we left exhausted. What a night.

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Very good interesting account

Wow...I have to give you props. Sounds like you two have a great marriage and understanding. I would love to replace your wife in those kind of situations.

I'm thinking u'r my new hero!!