I Have One Hot *** Wife

i am recently married, 1 year and 2 months. i am really lucky i guess you would say, because alot of guys have to do alot of talking and really working on their wives before they will consider having sex with another man while the husband watches or joines. im not sayin everyone is that way but majority are. any way i am in my 30,s and my hot *** wife is 22 years old with a kick *** body. when we first started dating we had some really good sex and we had wonderful times together and we began to get really close. i was married once before and i had a huge fantasie of wanting her (my ex) to get ****** by another man preferably a complete stranger but i would have settled for anyone i knew.  that fantasie never happened and we divorced and well now like i said remarried. well right when i knew i loved my 2nd wife the fantasies started to come back to me and now they were for her to get ****** in front of me. i just could never stop thinking about what it would be like and how horny it made me. well about 2 weeks after we were married we were out for the evening at the local grill and bar and i without any hesitation just got on the subject of sex. we talked for about an hour and was really having a good conversation, and i just came out and told her of my fantasie and to my surprise she didnt bash the idea and just shoot it down as my 1st wife did. after we got home that night and few alcohol beverages later we found out alot that we didnt know about each others sexuality and to my surprise my wife was a first class freak. to put it better you could even label her as a perv but i absolutly loved it because im somewhat of a perv myself. well the next few weeks went by and we were talking about her having sex with other men more and more. we even established that it ould be with complete strangers, just like my fantasie goes. about 2 months after the talk about all of this began, we were out at a bar in town celebrating a friend of mines birthday. we were doin our share of drinking and having a good time, and it got late really quick. my wife was really drunk and i was buzzing earlier but i got it together because i knew i would be driving back home. on the way back home wehad to pull in the gas station to get gas so we pulled in by the pumps and i went in to pay and get a couple other things. i finished paying and i started back toward the car where my wife was talking on the cell phone and listening to the radio. basically still enjoying herself when i noticed 2 gentelmen on the other side pumping gas and it looked as if they were a little bit drunk therselves. they looked to be in their 40,s a little older than me and alot older than my wife. i finished pumping and got back in the car and i noticed my wife looking at them and i was afraid we had the same idea. i looked at her and she looked at me and she said i wanna f--k both onight while you watch. i thought wow! we talked about it a min more and i got out and i talke dto the men and the next thing u know they were following us home.on the way home my d--k was really getting hard and i could tell my wife was getting really wet just at what was about to go down. we pulled in the drive way and the 2 men did as well . we all got out of our vehicles and kind of formaly intraduced everyone and then we were all headed for the front door. once we got in the house my wife very slutty like just removed her top and then slid her black skirt down her legs and stepped away from her clothes . all she had on was blach thigh highs, black bra, and a pair of black satin panties. my wife was looking hot as hell and the 2 men were just speechless. she walked in front of both of them and droped to her knees as they were doing their best to undo their pants. my wife began to help them get them down and she began to pull away at their underware and freed both of their c--ks. and without wasting anytime here was my 22 year old wife sucking these 40something men like there was no tommorow. after about 5 min of sucking the men began to get more comfortable with their surrondings and started to moan a little bit and started to call my wife names such as **** and c--ks---er, and the names got a little more vulger with everyone called out. i admit what i was watching was what i always wanted and it was really starting to get hot. finally one of the men told my wife to lead them to the bedroom so they could f--k her really good and have their way with her. she led them down the hall to the room and when they arrived the taller man grabbed my wifes arm and and told her to get on the bed and get her legs spread because he couldnt wait to breed her. breed her?i thought. no they will get her pregnant but when i went back to the room i was ordered by the biggest one to sit in the chair so i did as i was told and he tied me up to the chair and there was no getting loose. the bigger one went to the bed and with my wife on her back he got behind her and held her legs all the way back and held them there really tight while his buddy had his way with my wife. after a few min and some really hard thrusting he let out a load moan and damnit he planted his seed all in my wife.i didnt like it at all but i was starting to get turned on. after he pulled out they switched places and after a few min the bigger man started to moan and it got louder and louder until he hollerd out IM COMIN U F--KIN  SL-T! and he also planted his seed in my wife. ater they collapsed for a few min and talked about how good she felt they got up went and put their clothes on and just left without even a thank you. myn wife got up and untied me and she asked me since she fullfilled my fantasie that she wanted one thing. i told her ok what? she then ordered me to clean her out with my tounge and as sick as it sounded it actually made me excited . i told her that would be a deal but i asked if i could plant my seed as well and then clean it all out at once, agreed and from that point on everytime whether its me or someone else i always clean her out with my tounge.

mikey991 mikey991
26-30, M
Mar 12, 2010