Mom's Habit

My Mom would always put on nylons when she would go out somewhere but never wear them around the house. She liked the light colored tan ones and they all had seams up the back in those days. She would sit down in a chair in the living room or dining room usually and put them on or take them off. She was very open about it and I would often sit and watch her. She used elastic bands to keep them up. She would roll them up above her knees and I would watch as he white skin disappeared under the tan of the nylons.
I don't know if she enjoyed showing her legs to me but I was glad she did.
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Thank you...I always loved watching my mother putting on her stockings, adjusting her seams and fixing her stocking tops to suspenders (or garters, if you are in the USA)

Hello agramp:
I can relate to what you saw of your mother in her nylon stockings since I grew up in the 50s & 60s seeing my own mother slip on her nylon stockings. My mom favored tan nylons that blended in with her skin tone, but she also wore gray shades at times. She'd wear her stockings daily with girdle garters or casually with elastic bands that she made herself.
I also enjoyed my mom sitting down with her legs crossed so I could peep up her skirt to appreciate the stocking tops pulled tautly by the garters. She knew I liked looking at her legs as well as knowing I got "excited" when I watched her slip them on on school mornings before she left for work. It also seems too much of a coincidence that she'd lift her skirt hem to "adjust" her stocking tops when I was nearby or in her presence.
As yourself... I don't know if she enjoyed doing this with me looking on, but I'm very glad she did giving me wonderful memories!


I remember wearing those bands at the top of the hose, rolling the stockings in them to keep them up. Awful things! :)