Love Diaper's

i wear diaper's at, have been all my life, and when i'm home in the day time i wearing my diaper, sometimes i wear disp. or i'll war cloth diaper's and plastic-pant's. as soon as i get off work i go get diapered up and put on a oneies. i only wet mine diapee's. I love the feeling when wearing them tons. I would love to share this with some AB/DL friend's a lot more then i do. i have a toddler friend how is 22 yo how ocme over for me to be daddy to him. i change him,feed him his bottle's and we play xbox 360 live,and my ps2 when he come's over when he's not with his boy friend.
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Yes when I was at work and on my own and I had my own place, I could not wait to get home to put on my Diapers!! It was a Feeling I had inside me all Day!! When I got home it was so much fun!!