Ooh yes she was fine but naive...first time she sat beside me I felt like I was about run ...ooh she was intimidating me ...those legs that *** ..her **** oo good lord have mercy...she knew she had me cz i noticed that evil smile..
.i said to my self **** it..made a move..she just ignored and went off that ****...the next day she asked me if we can leave together good thing her home was not far from mine..after one week of planning and playing i got her into my room...such beauty she had but so naive .. The first time i never *** becouse she complained alot ...oo the third time i ****** her good and she knew that becouse the fourth fifth sixth seventh time she begged for it...she knew i was bad for her ..an addictived drug but she kept on comming for more...that was untill i left and went to stay with my grandfolks ...i never saw her again not sure if i loved her but i do miss her sometimes cz i never saw her again
niggajay niggajay
22-25, M
Aug 21, 2014