Growing Up And Now A Second Generation

I always enjoyed James Taylor and most artists of his "time" growing up.  Had to have all the albums and listened to them until I wore them out.  One day not too many years ago while cleaning out a closet I found a box of casette tapes from my teenage years.  I popped one in the one reamaing player that I have and it was a 90 minute tape of the James Taylor albums I had recorded when I was in high school.  It was really cool to find that, but when my high school senior son came in the room he asked who that was and I told him.  He said that was really enjoying it and proceeded to make a CD of the of the tape.  From then, he is a huge James Taylor fan - as big a fan as I am.  Kind of nice to be able to pass along your love of an artist's music to another generation! 

allnightinhand allnightinhand
51-55, M
Mar 4, 2010