Wearing My Leggs Got Me So Horney This Morning

Once I got dressed and checked myself in the mirror and I saw the shine, it is like a fix for an addict... The shine and the touch horned me up to the point that I couldn't wait till later, when I got home from shopping. I had to *** right now... So I slid my hand up my dress down my hose and panties and began stoking and rubbing my ****. Needless to say I did this until there was *** all over my hose and hand running down my hose covered leg... I had to change them before I went out but it feels sooo good to stroke my **** and and caress my leggs till I ***. Sometimes standing sometimes laing in my bed with my heels on... It feels so good. I still looked good after I changed so I think I will do it again when I get home from shopping... Or maybe I won't even go shopping just stay home and play with myself..... I will let you know later.
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Great story it would be evenore fun with 2

U should try to take a pic when they are shinny, if I could see you in emlh I *** hard.

I put them every morning and get hard as I pull them up! I stuff my 8" back under and put on two more pairs of tight panties to settle him down. I love pantyhose! gina

Getting in the water with all your clothes on and soaking yourself is a very naughty and erotic experience. Not sure why that's the case, but I've had a thing for getting wet since I was very young...even before I started crossdressing. Then, once I realized how fantastic women's clothing felt on my body, it wasn't too long before I was getting wet while dressed. The one thing both activities have in common for me is the look and the feel. Women's clothing looks and feels great. Getting them wet looks and feels great. Sort of weird, but hey, go figure, right?

I would love to rub our ***** togeter while wearing our pantyhose and *** all over each other

Right now I am wearing Leggs Sheer to the waist Queen Size pantyhose, Suntan color with a reinforced toe, a tight skirt and Candies high heels aND I LOVE IT. I AM ON THE MOON!<br />
<br />
I feel girly and feminine and pretty and I love myself!

Oh, I know the feeling.

I had to shopping. I wanted to be some new girdles and all in ones... SO when I got home I had to try on all of the new pieces. Also, I had to buy new stockings and heels. The Rago has an access slit, so once dressed, I slid out my **** lay on the bed caress and stroke until there was *** everywhere..... managed to keep it off my girdle so spent the rest of the evening wearing it.... with a satin robe.<br />
<br />
I checked out your site and saw the water pictures.... why is laing in the tub at least with hose and a slip on so sexy?

Wet clothing is a lot like crossdressing. I crossdress because I love how it looks and feels. I get my clothes wet because I love how is looks and feels. Transvestic Wetlook - double whammy!

What happened later? :-D