Loving My Mum First Time.

This should really be called 'Mum Loving Me' really. I was just 15 and had no experience except for the usual touchy, touchy, feely stuff all kids enjoy. I guess the fact that I totally adored Mum from a very early age, loved to wear her used panties, stockings, even her corset, loved to listen to and occasionally peek at her on the toilet, all made me want to be with Mum more and more. Holding her hand, kissing her every morning and every night, just adoring being with her. I kept dreaming of trying to tell her I wanted to love her so much.

When Mum had agreed with my desire to be a girl, to dress as a girl, that made my feelings for her more and more intense. The loving way she helped with my clothes, with make-up, with my deportment, all made me want her sexually so much. I started to wonder dare I , dare I tell her? I couldn't bring myself to make that final step, until this day when it simply happened, right out of the blue.

We had gone for the day to Cardiff to window shop, to enjoy the wonderful shops there. We were in Debenhams, I don't know why, I only know that I had to kiss Mum there and then, right in the crowded store. I stopped and turned to her, facing her I put my arms around her and pressed my lips to hers. "I love you so much, Mum," I mumbled. It was the most incredible feeling that shot through my body, I was hard and pressing into her tummy as I kissed her.

For a few seconds, seconds that seemed like ages, never ending agony, Mums lips were cold, she seemed to be holding back, resisting me. Then, heaven of heavens, her arms reached around me, her lips opened over mine, we were kissing each other, really kissing. I never wanted that moment to end. Wild thoughts passed through me head Mum groaned as we kissed. She broke the kiss and somehow, we moved through the store, Mum was holding my hand, I thought we were going out of the store, instead Mum led me to the ladies toilets on the ground floor. Finding a cubicle towards the end of the place, farthest away from the door, we moved inside and Mum kicked the door closed and then leant back against it.

Mum looked so lovingly into my eyes, never taking them from me, she slid the bolt over and closed the door. "Oh, my sweet darling. I love you so much," Mum cooed as she reached and embraced me again. Mum fumbled with one hand as we kissed and undid the buttons on her blouse then she tool my hand and drew it to her right breast. My fingers grasped her tender breast, my fingers feeling for her nipple which was hard and erect. Mum moaned as I squeezed her breast, "My baby, my sweet darling."

It was the most beautiful moment of all my life to that time. That day we cut short the trip to Cardiff, and holding hands, even when Mum was driving the car, it was incredible how we safely got home. All I do know is that afternoon and night we made love. But that is for another part of my wonderful story.
frankincense10 frankincense10
18-21, M
Dec 5, 2012