Loving Mum's Best Friend

I had always liked Patricia even as a young boy, she was always around our home visiting Mum. As a boy I had no idea that they loved each other, although I remember them kissing and cuddling a lot. Being naive I thought all friends did that, I know that as I read biographical histories lots of people, of both sexes, showed there feelings for each other by kissing. Nowadays cruel people would label them 'queers' for me it was perfectly natural.

I know as I got older, late tens at first, kissing Patricia began to rouse more deeper feelings in me. I started to actually look for ways where I could kiss her, silly ways, like hugging her close under an umbrella if we were out in the rain and suddenly kissing her and telling her she looked lovely. I started to realise that girl friends were nice but they just didn't rouse in me the feelings Patricia did.

I wanted to love her more and more. I wanted to be home when she was with Mum. I actively tried to meet her, always pretending it was accidental, in town. If I knew she was going to the cinema, or the shops, I would make every effort to 'meet' her there. I had no idea how she felt about me. She never gave me any sign that she liked me more than as a friend.

One day, completely accidentally, I went to the bathroom and she was on the toilet. I had no idea she was even in the house that day. I just stared at her, her panties right down at her ankles, skirt bunched at her waist, her hands holding the sides of the toilet. I have no idea how long I stared at her, I do know that I was hard immediately and that I was 'automatically' trying to hide the bulge in my trousers. All the years before came rushing through my mind, I had never seen like this before. Incredibly I was focussing on her *****, so pink, no hairs. I know my girl friend shaved but seeing Patricia like it, well it made me virtually wet myself. As I said, I had no idea how long I had stared at her except then my next rational thought was that I was outside the bathroom door, walking downstairs, stiffly, awkwardly. I know I went into the garden, down to my Father's shed and sat in there ************ and '*******' withing seconds, I was so aroused.

Two days later I knew she did her local shop at Tesco. I determined to meet her and to apologise to her. I did not go to work, instead I went out at the normal time but did some window shopping, had a cup of tea and just sat waiting, knowing the route she always took from the car park. I saw her coming down the mall and went up to her. I know I was stilted in what I said, how I was sorry to have come into the bathroom that evening. I remember her touching my hand and telling me not to worry, that it wasn't a problem. Then in the mall I was kissing her I don't know how it happened, but for the first time, this woman I adored was kissing me back, my hair stood on end as I felt her tongue touching mine. we were 'frenching' in the crowded mall. We broke the kiss and managed to walk from the mall across the road into the local park. Early morning, with the kids in school, apart from the odd dog walker the park was deserted. We were kissing, walking, kissing, stopping to 'french' kiss, hardly speaking a word. Holding hands looking for privacy, not caring who saw us. The main shelter in the park has ladies and gents toilets on either end. We walked, not caring, into the ladies, slamming shut the door of the first cubicle. I was kissing her, my fingers fumbling and opening her blouse, pulling her bra down until I was kissing her breasts, sucking her nipples. I could feel her undoing my trousers, pushing them down, feeling my penis. It was heaven, this lovely beautiful woman, Mums best friend. I sat on the toilet and reached under her skirt. Finding her panties I shrugged them down, right down until she stepped out of them. I sat her on my lap. My penis so hard, her vagina lips so wet and waiting, wanting, open for me. I felt the wonderful warmth of her as my penis slid up into her. Her buttocks bounced on mine as we moved together, kissing, loving, f . . . .ing. It was the first time I had truly felt the joy of being with a woman.

That was three years ago. I now dress regularly as a woman, I want to be like Patricia, nowadays we often go out as women together, always to Bristol because its far enough away from our home town for us to feel safe we won't be noticed. Our love making gets better with each time we can be together.
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Jan 8, 2013