Loving Mum

I guess I have been in love with my Mum from as early as 4/5 years old. I do remember being in bed with Mum in the morning when Dad had gone to work and when she sat up in bed to start to dress, or to go to the bathroom, I used to love to touch her bum and her vagina, without having any idea why I was doing it, except that it made her laugh and giggle and then she would move my hand away. As I got older I wanted to be with her more and more, just to be close to her, especially when she was dressing or changing her clothes. It was then when I was about 6/7 that I started to wear her panties, I would wear them to school and always go into a stall to pee, taking my panties down and sitting on the toilet to go. It was so exciting that I started then to sneak into the girls toilets. That was wonderful, peeping over the partition to see the girls with their knickers down peeing. I remember sitting in the girls lavatories to have a pee and seeing a girls feet under the partition. It was then that I discovered the joy of ************, more by accident than design. The wonderful feelings that rushed through my body, especially when I 'come.'

I have recorded my first times with Mums best friend here and I do remember one day being in the Odean cinema with Mum. She whispered to me she had to go to the ladies. I waited until she had disappeared from the auditorium then I followed. What I was doing, what chances I was taking, made no difference to me. I simply could not stop myself from sneaking in after her. Opening the outer door of the ladies I alomost bumped into a woman coming out. I mumbled an apology and beat a hasty retreat but not before I had seen that only one of the stalls was occupied and there was a woman repairing her make up. I hovered around outside, hoping the woman making up would come out before Mum, then my mind was racing as I thought Mum must be doing more than peeing. Ohhh how I wanted the woman making up to come out. Then she did, walking towards the cinema exit. There were a few people coming and going from the auditorium so I had to wait, and wait. Then it was clear, swiftly I moved into the toilets. I could see Mums shoes under the first stall door and I tiptoes into the stall next to her, as I did I heard her sighing and then a splatter of poop hitting the back of the toilet. I was already rock hard as I bolted the stall door and squatted on the toilet seat with my feet on the seat so that Mum couldn't see it was a male in the next stall. Mum had already been on the toilet over five minutes and she was there for almost another five. I could tell she was having a really soft poop, and that so excited me. I had my flies open and was 'wanking' myself furiously. Fortunately nobody else came in and when Mum started to wipe her bum I got out and went back to our seats.

When Mum came back I cuddled close as she whispered to me what had happened in the movie. I had no idea of course but I took the opportunity to cuddle really close, brushing my legs against hers. I had my hnad on her lap and was almost touching her ***** over her dress, suddenly she leant in close and kissed me on the cheek. I remember telling her impulsively that I loved her. Mum told me she loved me and then we kissed, mouth to mouth, for the first time ever. It was the most marvellous moment of my life to that time.
regpantiesdown regpantiesdown
26-30, M
Jan 12, 2013