Accepting Compliments

I always have trouble accepting compliments. I've been getting a fair bit of them lately. Twice in the last week kids from work(both jobs - the group home and the hospital) have given me flowers. In both jobs, kids have been practically gushing over me (calling me their "favorite staff", calling out and running up to me when I get to work, telling me how "everyone loves me"). Supervisors, although not often, tell me I'm doing something really well or that they really like how I work. I know I should feel flattered by all of these things, but really I just feel kind of awkward, you know?

WanderingSoul82 WanderingSoul82
26-30, M
2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Don't feel awkward, peoples compliments mean people like what they see:) why not and embrace it!?

always love yourself and keep working on it!