So Selfish

i feel like there are so many people that are so selfish in this world, and that is why theres so many problems. but what really bothers me the most is how people only think of themselves and not about all the living organisms that are on this planet as well. i love all animals and i dont know why but i have a wierd connection to them, i know its wierd but i do. when i see an animal in pain, i feel pain, i feel like i can understand their thoughts and feelings, its wierd but ive become used to it. mother nature is my god and she is falling apart everywhere. but what made me really disgusted was that i watched a video on meat farming and production, and they showed everyhting. those animals were treated disgustingly. they are seen as an object, something that is just there for the farmers or whatever they are called to make money off of. i felt like throwing up when i saw this. chickens and pigs were screaming out in fear panic and pain. i dont get how people could live with themselves when they do that to another being  every single day. and for what? money....its truely pathetic, and i think that people need to rethink what is truely important in life, and in the lives of others

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2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

I agree with you completely. However, I don't think that all farms should be judged the same- I go lambing on a farm in Wales and the animal welfare there is superb. I know other farms which treat their animals well too. Therefore, the bad farms (and I know some really are bad) should be picked out and possibly shut down.

I watched Earthlings and some other one-off clips. I think they deliberately seeked out the most inhumane scenarios they could, but nonetheless livestock is as you say, treated as an ob<x>ject with no feelings, no 'life'. I think if more people realized what went into meat production (both literally and situation-wise), they'd eat far less of it.<br />
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It just seems that we can't take our eye off the immediate long enough to make any changes.