Kroger Pimp Daddy


There's a man in the Kroger - looks like a crack dealer, complete with "cornrows", black pants and shirt, with a tie that is made to look like a $100 bill.

He's the manager.

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I forgot to add, he's quite the "redneck", so I don't know if he'd make for much of an IT guy. That, and he doesn't strike me as someone who would be even competent with a computer, but who knows. Probably his most comical habit is that, on break, he runs the air conditioner in his truck with the window down, invariably smoking his cigarette and eating something. The store manager is a walking caricature, and creepy as hell. i don't know what it is with that place, but it seems to attract mediocrity just as the blue neon light in the entrance attracts flies.

Wow!<br />
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He sounds like an IT guy.

I'm laughing my *** off right now, because I work at a Kroger, and one of my bosses is fond of wearing "100 dollar bill" ties, no cornrows though, he's white, in his 30s, unshaven, wears glasses, and quite fat. I would call him an idiot, but compared to the store manager, he's a genius.

That man deserves RESPECT!!!! :D

Don't you mean cracker dealer? <br />
Yo daddy, when those Wheat Thins going on sale?

So, You're jealous or something?