In My Case....

I hide my face because I am hopeless with makeup.

I fell incomplete without makeup and I don't want you to see my face.

That is why.

RobynTheBeautiful RobynTheBeautiful
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there are a lot of cruel people out in the real world and when you have been beaten up for being a trannie you soon learn to be very careful .

You got that right, ( understanding and enlightenment ) has gone backwards.

well said robyn, i too hide my face for some of the same reasons as you. and yes michelle it seems there are narrowed minded bigots everywere who dont understand us and seem afraid of us and want to do us harm. i wish i felt safe enough to be me love to all <br />
xoxo honey

Thats right both of you Michelles.<br />
I am living a double life.<br />
Not many outside of EP know about me dressing up.<br />
My mother and older brother knows and I think one of my cousins knows just by vibes.<br />
I might try to get my mother to teach me.<br />
I would love to just go out into the outside world dressed up and not be judged by the multi-standards that rule todays world.<br />
Not many says anything about girls wearing pants. only the old fashioned that think girls should wear dresses and be cute.<br />
What would some girls say then?<br />
They would say we have the freedom to wear what we what and cry discrimination to make the rest of us feel so sorry for them and then let them wear what they wont because they have a Virginia that they use as weapons. <br />
Not many of us crossdressers to have enough power to use our penis as weapons. <br />
And anyway Males are so pathetic and weak when females denial sex to get something that they what and will let them do anything to get sex short of coercing which is akin to rape..<br />
No one will listen to us on that count. I have talked to some girls about that and turned around their thinking.<br />
One only has to look at old photos of about 100years ago and see little boys with Shirley temple hair and dressed up very feminine and wearing stockings. Sometimes its hard to tell the girls from the boys.<br />
I hate todays society and it claims to have come along way to understanding and enlightenment. <br />
Phhhttt to that. <br />
It has only gone backwards.

I read this now and I am wondering what I was thinking about back then, I have gone public since the above and mostly having a great time in the outside world.

Silly question but have you ever thought about asking for help to learn how to put makeup? I can think of at least one person you know that might be willing to help if you ask.

Too many times, the fear of the possibility of being outed keeps many from allowing the outside world to see them. I also know many people that blur their faces because they don't want others to know who they are.