A Red Maple And A Portal To Heaven

    "It's gonna rain soon."  It had been a warm day upon the grassy field, but the sky from the west grew darker by the moment and the wind was becoming restless.  Being far from any man made shelter, I began making my way towards the giant red, green and yellow tree that bowed and swayed to the south of me.  So odd it seemed, for such a huge tree to be standing all alone in the middle of this vast expanse of grass and wildflowers.  I wondered how old it was, and how it had come to be here.  The wind was becoming colder but while I could feel it's damp chill my skin, somehow the warmth of the day remained in me and I was still comfortable.  There was an electricity in the air, and within me, an excitement, a tension...  A primal fear just at the edges of my consciousness, begging me to fly to safety.
    Lightning flickered off in the distance as I stepped beneath the massive boughs of the tree.  Quite punctually the rain began to fall the moment I arrived underneath my impromptu shelter.  Some nagging advice about trees and thunderstorms buzzed somewhere in the back of my mind as sprinkles turned into sheets, and uncivilized gusts of wind began tossing anything they could about the valley.
    I felt my spirits rise as the tempest grew in fury, and I cast my eyes to the sky to witness the spectacle unfolding before me.  Backlit by the sun, dark heavy clouds danced in slow lazy circles, swirling about in the heavens like an epic-scale maelstrom.  As I stared, they parted in the center like an iris, letting through the sapphire blue of the sky behind them, like a portal to another universe.  A portal...  I felt a twinge within me, this meant something important I was certain, but...  And then I knew it, as though I'd known it all along.  This was all my creation, a dream!
    Careful not to wake myself, I grin and launch myself onto the great tree's trunk, easily scrambling up its ancient bark as though I'd been designed for it.  The storm has not abated one bit, and some misty droplets are penetrating the thick foliage as I climb higher and higher, scrambling faster and faster.  Nearly at the top, I leap to a strong looking branch and, grasping it firmly in my hands, launch myself like an acrobat feet-first straight up into the air, willing myself to fall into the sky.  At my bidding gravity changes its mind, pulling me up into the heavens as the thick rain soaks me in delicious cool water.
    I fall faster towards the stormhead the further I fall, but I find my doorway to heaven further to the north, and guide myself toward it with a simple wing-like gesture of my arms.  It isn't long before I'm travelling like a bullet down a swirling tunnel of clouds, the brightness of the sunlit sky turning the fog from dark grey to bright white.  Like a cannonball fired at God himself, I burst from the storm into the great blue sky, surrounded with endless fields of nearly blinding bright cloudtops.  The cool wind roars in my ears as I rocket up into the atmosphere, spinning and darting about like swallow trying to fly to the moon.  It isn't long before blue turns to navy blue, and then nearly black.  My eyes turned upwards, I watch the stars appear as the air thins.  There are no words to describe the beauty I beheld then, as I saw the moon rise with me over the curved horizon of the Earth.  Dream tears welled in my eyes, and with a quick gesture I wiped them away but to my dismay I wiped away the dream as well, and found myself once again on solid ground, in the darkness of my room.  With no small disappointment I dried my eyes and reached for my dream journal, with a new story to tell.

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2 Responses Dec 10, 2009

Lucid dreaming is my favorite thing in life. I keep trying to fly to other heavenly bodies, but always seem to take too long to get there and the dream ends. It should be easy, but I'm really bad at teleporting. :P I'm getting good at flying really really fast though.

Wow. I've had some lucid dreams this complex, but it has been a while. It sounds so vivid and beautiful.