Wow Neonblue Midnight....check This Out!

In my dream:

I am flying just above the tree tops through a beautiful urban park.  It is mid day and I'm having fun viewing the scenery.  All of a sudden, an ice cream truck comes into the park, blaring very loud music.  The sound is annoying and makes me realize that I am dreaming. 

As I try to get away from it, I remember that someone told me to look at the sky if I know I am dreaming.  I think this is a good idea and a great way to get away from the music.  I look up at the sky and make an intention to fly into it.  With that very thought, I feel myself being pulled, (more like sucked), up into the sky.  It felt like I was in a vacuum hose.  I popped up in space above the earth. 

The earth was a beautiful, bright ball beneath me and as I watched it, it spread out in front of me like a map.  Each continent looked like it was made of precious jewels.  Africa was made of rubies, and North America was made of emeralds.  I became overcome with the feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the earth.  I knew and felt that everything was perfect on earth; all wars, love, hate, injustice, striving, finding, cheating, peace, was just as it should be.  I was, (and still am), amazed that I felt that way. 

As I looked at the beauty of the earth, I became aware of the blackness of space and I became aware that I was in that space.....and I became scared.  With that first initial pang of fright, I found myself in a back-flip, (not self-initiated but I did not resist).  When I cme out of it, I fell into what felt like a big soft cushion.  My eyes were closed and there ws a bright light shining beyond someone was shining a very bright flashlight at me.  The light was the brightest light I have experienced, but it did't hurt and there was a feeling of safety and love emanating from it. 

As a began to open my eyes to see and feel the full blast of the light, a loud sound started to blare and I opened my eyes to my bedroom.  I saw in front of me my white closet door, and in the middle was a holographic image of the beautiful, glowing earth.  It slowly dissolves before my eyes, and I was left with an intense sense of hearing until that faded about a minute later.


Pretty amazingly similar to your dream.  I'm intrigued.

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Oh my new friend . Yes, how beautiful your life changing dream was. I loved the part you say... <br />
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. I knew and felt that everything was perfect on earth; all wars, love, hate, injustice, striving, finding, cheating, peace, was just as it should be. I was, (and still am), amazed that I felt that way. <br />
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I also share your reality of being careful who I can share my experiences with. Especially when they were happening 24 /7 a natural part of my time on this level we exist. I experienced many dreams also but with me, mine became a reality also. I am so grateful at a point of feeling I had totally become insane, I asked God to allow someone , anyone to witness any part of what I was experiencing. And it happened. Not one, but many have witnessed with me the Mystical, unexplainable happenings. Problem is lol They all say, They wont tell anyone in fear of sounding crazy. lol But they believe me now and I thank God for this. It is real. I will begin sharing my realitys from the beginning in 1997. Im so happy to know people who are also aware these things are real. <br />
Blessings Seren

Thanks NeonBlueMidnight. I appreciate your support. There are not many people who can relate to the lucid dreaming thing we do. I have learned, the hard way, to be careful who I open up this part of myself with. Maybe it is the crowd I have associated with, (not to mention my family....or the culture...etc.), but others have looked very uncomfortable when I describe lucid dreaming. Every once and a while I will get a reaction of curiosity or amazement, but it is rare. <br />
It can get kind of lonely so it's nice to know that you relate.

Wow, that sounds like a pretty intense spiritual experience! The kind of dream that could change someone's life. In my opinion, the dream universe is just as real as this one, it's just a different plane of reality that is based on this one. I love the perspective you had on the earth, that everything is as it should be, I totally agree with that. As individuals we might gawk at the injustice we see, but the truth is that justice is a human invention, and doesn't really exist, therefore not something we should worry about. The balance of nature is what matters, and it is alive and well!<br />
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Perhaps the blinding light was the sun, or your higher self, reassuring you that there is nothing to fear, not in dreams, and not in waking life either. Good luck having more lucid dreams! :)