As He Force It Into My Mouth

i can't help my lust for black ****. the first time i had a black **** in my mouth was when i was about 21. he picked me up on my way to work.

we ended up behind a ***** mall. when he pulled out his **** all i could do was sit there in complete shock, horror and fear !!!

he raped me. as he was pushing it into my throat he was calling me white ******* and ******. telling me that all of us white boys loved black **** . all white boys where ******* for black ****.

then i wasn't there ??? i was gone ??? as i came back, the most awful thing happened, i realized that he wasn't forcing me anymore ! i realized that i had been sucking that big black **** ! i tried to pull of in disgust at what was happening but he smacked me and forced me back down . and i was lost again. i came back, and i was sucking again . hungrily sucking his delicious black **** as deep as i could get it into my throat !!!

i was choking and sobbing on it. i was confused. i could not understand what i was doing. he was laughing at me. telling me see ***** ! you see , you love black ****

all i can tell you now is that i wish all black men were like him. i lust for black **** day and night now. there is nothing better than being on your knees to a strong, powerful black man and having his incredible **** in you hungry mouth . black **** hungry mouth.

he showed me that my white mouth and white *** were a black mans ******* for the taking

when i think back to him i feel nothing but love. he took my verginity
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7 Responses Sep 28, 2010

i cant get enough. i'm going to be meeting my Black Stud in 3 weeks for 4 days and nights of complete bliss abandon and i cant wait. his 8.5 inches of manmeat will be ******* me both ends so much that i'll be overdosed on it by the time im done.

yes whtboi, it is. i used to live in such denial but i accept it now and i would gladly get on my knees to please any black **** that wanted me to

i am envious. i haven't had a black (or any ****) in a long time. i hope he ***** your black **** hungry *** and mouth raw !!! lol .....mine too


Hmmmm ;)

Luv BBC!!!!!! Want it every day.

i'm jealous . i jerk off every day thinking about black ****. it's been so long.

i love sucking that sweet black **** , have been a black mans **** for a year , he uses me however he wishes , cant get enough ,