I Want Him So Badly...

He has this intensity about him, a passion that is always burning. He's open with me, and tells me things that he doesn't tell his wife. He leans on me, and at times we joke about other people being suspicious of us having an affair since we go to lunch together so often.

I guess because I am currently in a passionless marriage, and I spend more time with my boss than with my husband just by nature of being a working mother, I can't seem to stop lusting after him. 

Sometimes when he's leaning back in his chair and sharing a laugh with me, I have to fight the impulse to climb into his lap, straddle him, and kiss him. I feel like he has the intensity to bring back the passion in my life - passion I used to have, but is now repressed for fear of being rejected or enduring more disappointing (and rare) sex at home. I often daydream about what it would be like to just go for it, grab him or intentionally seduce him, or (hopefully) having it turn out that he wants me just as much and will go for it. I imagine him to be the dominant type - and that's something I really need.

He's married and has children, and I actually adore his wife too. I love the friendships I have with both of them, and I enjoy the closeness he and I have. I enjoy flirting with, and joking around with him. I can't get enough of being around him. 

I don't want either of us to walk away from our current relationships - but sometimes I wish people could just have freebies to resolve the burning tension and just screw once in awhile without significant others having an issue with it.

Hannaberry Hannaberry
26-30, F
1 Response May 12, 2012

if your anywhere close to richmond,va :) >>i know this reall cool & horny guy :) that just so happen to loveeee him some oral sex :P