Lust For My Sister

I have been wanting to share this with someone who I could trust so here it is on EP.
My sister is 6 years older to me.I have grown up watching her in all her elements.She is beautiful, tall, good figure and very naughty as well.At home she is very carefree.She dresses very scantily at home.And this has provided me chances of seeing her private parts like her full thighs, rounded *** cheeks, and also her panties. Whenever she bends I get to see her firm but large breasts half covered in her bra. The one thing that I crave to see her is her armpit hair.Dhe doesn’t shave and shows off her underarm hair freely. Recently I have been lusting to hold her and feel her. I ********** thinking about her thighs and all other parts I see.I truly wish to once feel her in her panties and touch her ****.Wll she agree or not? I am always planning on various schemes to convey my feelings to her,I am sure she will let me have sex with her out of her love for me before she gets married and let her husband have all the goodies…
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i really wonder what the cause of this. i experrienced it too. i eve made pregnant. we dont know what hapened tp us really

I too went by this phase once, the only difference being that i had a cousin sister she was 9 years elder to me and was living with my family for over 2 and a half years ,she came from another city to live with us until her postgraduation course was done . .During this time i came quite close to her she loved me very much .As i started to enter my teenhood i no longer thought or regarded her as my sister i was just only 14 at that time and she was this 23years old tall ,beautiful, curvy and charming young lady . .she was the only women with whom i expressed my real self to , talk bizzarre with,and sometimes playfully tried to fondle with her which she never minded because i was her cute little younger brother and also didn't because i am a hemophiliac<br />
She had medium sized breasts ,a good figure and a round *** and the most interesting feature of all she was 5'8"inches Tall this was enough to arouse a teen who never came this close to girls .I could hardly stop fantasizing about me trying to play with her body, though i was only 14 and didn't knew about things like *****,****,*******,sex,anal,erection,**** even ********** <br />
But my raging testosterone level let my logic fall into place <br />
As an year progressed i got into the 9th standard i stumbled upon my first pornographic video and soon knew about all the tricks of the trade .On seeing stuff like this my lust for my cousin sister grew to another level ,<br />
Now i would find ways to fondle with her or sleep with her at night next to her , i would try to pamper her with small surprises but she never got even the slightest clue that i did all this just to get laid with her <br />
I sometimes felt pity and regarded my self as an lowlife thinking about a person who was always good affectionate towards me but these thoughts were soon replaced by hardcore sexual fantasies ,with mixed feelings like these i was always at war with my self,but i never got the courage to openly tell her my feelings because one time when i cracked a joke on her boobs she got offended and told my parents ,my mom came stormingly into the room and after slapping me she questioned me where did i learnt all this from. After this incidence i knew that if cracking a joke at her boobies got me into this much trouble how much would telling her that i wanted to have sex her would take me where , i didn't knew that she couldn't take a little laugh at her own self ,then i was thinking about a different way to have sex with her as i was growing hornier by day then it suddenly struck me that the only way i could feel and play with her body without her knowing was in her sleep ,yep i was way too excited for this as i already slept beside her and knew of her sleeping habits ,this was a walk in the park for me ,on the first night of the experiment i started slowly by resting my hand over her stomach and felt her breath finding every thing normal i lifted her entire kurta(indian top) just below her bra i touched her belly button and kissed and caressing her whole abdomen all this was so arousing that my **** was paining with erection i was now going for the boobs to my surprise she had loose bra strings so i got inside them without bothering to open them as i was doing this quickly and with boldness she moved a litlle and brought her kurta down my heart came to my mouth with the fear that she found out my heart was beating 10 times faster than usual i relaxed for some time and then went to sleep <br />
For the next days i became more cautious and slow in my approach that it came with a price of my sleep i would spend sleepless nights just to see ,play and touch with her boobs and her pussie but most of them went without any sort of sucess and those which did didn't last longer than a second as the private parts produced a tickling sensation which woukd wake her from her deep sleep and change her side.With a habit like this i was a normal kid by day and a hungry sister ******* maniac by night . I was growing tired of all this late night horniness and chose to candidly tell her how i fell and i did it too but with a lot of haste ,she was not surprised and told me that i was her brother and how much shame and bitterness this would bring in thier relationship i only nodded to what she said and she was finished i put over my point that this would be our little secret nobody would know of it besides me and her and passed a how i loved her very much ,after that she completed her graduation a month later and went to her home and got married we haven't talked since then but i did learn something that day that don't push your luck harder you don't know at what sacrifice it comes for.