My New Collection Of Pictures ...

My gorgeous wife has let me take risque and even hardcore pictures of her ever since our first weekend together. It has become part of our sexual play and history. She has to be in the right mood, but, I now have a collection of many gigs of photos and videos spanning over a dozen years.

I have to admit, I can look at **** or other naughty pics on the web, but nothing compares to those of my own wife. If anything, the others only give me new ideas. The ones that turn me on the most are of her, with a loving, playful, and sexy look on her face, showing her beautiful female delights.

We just went on a Caribbean cruise, and made the most of our cabin and balcony. I took along my best camera, my new pro-sumer grade Nikon.

How beautiful she is, my sexy wife. Takes my breath away. Just the R-rate pics drive me wild!

Indeed I do lust after my wife!
PensacolaJoe PensacolaJoe
51-55, M
4 Responses Dec 7, 2012

I must agree; erotic photos of your wife are way more exciting.

Welcome to my world, guy. Great minds think alike. I, like you, adore and lust after my wife as well. Life is good, huh? As I've said many times, we are VERY lucky men to have such hot wives!!!

Photograph is a great hobby especially with a sexy wife

break the pics out and share the beauty my friend