Unrequited Lust

I have a great talent I fall for guys who like me, but don't love me. Or they love me like a sister .   The most current object of my affection is a trucker who I met in the chat room of a dating site. He calls me every other day when he is on the road.  When he is home we 'hang out' often kiss but thats it. I LUST for this man!  He is sooo hot! And he is crazy smart, which I find attractive in a man. But something holds him back. There are times when he seems on the verge of saying I love you, then he just says 'take care' and hangs up. I'm 43 and the clock is ticking I can't afford to waste my time on him. But then again patience is a virtue right . . .?

Also, I'm one of those women whom guys tend to either think of as one of the guys or as a little sister. You have no idea how annoying this is!

An even greater talent I posess is that I prepare men for marriage. When they are dating me, marriage and commitment are forbidden, dirty words. Yet twice I have had guys leave me and within 3-6 months they were married.   A male friend says I should think of it as a positive, that I taught them how to love.  I say BS! When is it going to be my turn?

gaqt466 gaqt466
41-45, F
Mar 3, 2009