Where Do I Begin??

The title of this group is an understatment! I lust for several Ep members. Too many to name actually. Since Im bisexual & love women just as much as I love men...it makes it that much more difficult! So many personalities its amazing! Quite a dilema, indeed but I love all the attention & affection! I love you all, my dear friends! :)
Blackbarbie1987 Blackbarbie1987
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hi i blackbarbie1987, when u visit india, stay with me, you will enjoy

ohhh dear Barbie, you are not only bisexual but a so sweet looking beautiful black beauty, black Barbie so sensuous, loveable, kissable and adorable, to be in your company in my dream would be a beautiful dream.,


To be lusted by you would be the max Black Barbie. I already feel inmense lust for you. You are so gorgeous. I could lick you all over.

Awe.... :)

You look stunning would like to talk dirty with u.

i think i have already told you but i most definatley lust after you... some of your stories have not only realyl turned me on but have also made me think.... and confirmed that i really wnt to be a sub to a goddess like you ... xxxx

Thank you. If I were dominant then it would work, but I'm not.


Oh sorry i got distracted, yes there are very sensuous people here at EP and you are definitely a yummy mummy


A stunning picture Blackbarbie and congratulations to you both on the birth of your baby boy x

Thank you! :)

What a Lovely you are.

Thank you. :)

Nothing wrong with lusting after good looking people oh I love looking at all the hot men on here

I hope I'm one of them sweetie.

You sure are, darling! ;)