I Have Taken Up The Challenge - I Will Overcome My Lust

I am tired and frustrated by my LUST.

I had taken a vow of celibacy in Oct 2011 and i have not *********** since.

But the thoughts, and the P0RN ADDICTION still plague me.

I have already overcome my nicotine addiction, nail biting and physical abuse and have decided that my next challange is overcoming my LUST and P0RN Addiction.

I promise to share my methods to success

Is anyone has any techniques please let me know.

Please support me.

God Bless You
shreem75 shreem75
36-40, M
2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Hi, female age 34, looking for people to be supportive with. I'm hoping to find people like me who live near me, I'm in California.

Hey Shreem75, from one addict to another: well done.
I would love to talk to and learn from you.
What you feed grows and what you starve dies!

Dear blokeintrouble,

First of all - change your name to something positive or neutral - you are not in trouble - you are recovering - you are getting better - not worse.

Coming to my method -

The first (and easiest according to me) step is to stop ************ completely.

I am still struggling with the mental addiction and viewing **** - though i must admit, the frequency of both has decreased ... but very very slowly (to slowly imho- i am quite disappointed with myself - but i have not lost hope ;)

Like wise, i wish to learn what YOU are doing to overcome this

Many Thanks

Hi Shreem75, thank you for your response. My name is, for the moment, still correct. I am due to go to court for my offence and will likely go to prison for it.
But I hear you, maybe I should change my name. I will think about that one, thanks.
I have also stopped ************, I am coming up to 7 weeks tomorrow. It is Soooooooo hard to do. Especially in the warm nice weather, when all our women her wear skimpy clothing, short skirts, etc. That makes it very difficult to be out and about and keep your mind on sobriety.
Other than that, I am attending several SAA meetings per week, keeping myself busy and reading a lot. I am a Christian, so, for me, my Higher Power, that the SAA fellowship talks about, it Jesus Christ. I pray and He listens. That helps ! Sometimes He talks to me, in His quiet voice and tells me where my place is, in this universe and the mess that I am in. One day at the time, sometimes one hour at the time, I am fighting for my sobriety, hoping that it will get easier at some point in the future.
Send me a Private Message and we can talk some more.