This Time Is Like The First Time........

I have always liked peanut butter since I was a child but, usually up until a few weeks ago this used to be an occasional thing to snack on.
I am now 34 year's old and a just a short time ago I made myself peanut butter on toast.
Suddenly, It was as though it was the first time I had ever tasted this before.
Ever since this day I have been having this for breakfast as well as snacking through the day, and feel I can't stop and do not want to stop because I am enjoying myself too much.
Now, I am relieved to find that there there are other people like myself. The ultimate question of course - crunchy or smooth?
This evening, I also found groups on Facebook & Myspace.
My main preference is on toast but, it's also great on cream crackers or a celery stick either dipped into the jar or dollop some onto a plate and scoop - Nice!
At Tesco supermarket in the UK they are selling the Tesco value range for only 68p, crunchy only and it's absolutely delicious!
So here it is for 2010 I am now a peanut butter addict, I just wonder If there is a counseling group for this lovely condition. Well I am sure It would be very therapeutic, But, I much prefer this kind of sharing and off loading forums and groups.
That way I can still enjoy my addiction whilst expressing it at the same time. >
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