My Son the Ham

I love watching my three year old laugh and doing things to make my husband and I laugh. He does things like put a comb under his nose and say's "I'm Tom Selleck". Or when you make a funny face he laughs so hard his tummy shakes and his face turns red. He also loves to tell knock, knock jokes and thinks the word bananas is very funny. Kids are the best thing since sliced bread specially my monster man! :) 

IheartGuappo IheartGuappo
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2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Yeah I know what you both mean! In fact this morning he told me he wanted to do my make up because he had some tips for me... I still don't know where he got that one from! My husband and I are still trying to decide if we want baby number 2, we are considering adoption because I would like for my son to have that support system whe he's feeling down. He has 3 pets but I know that's not the same!

I love the deep stomach laughs that only kids can do. Especially when they can't stop. My daughter laughs like that all the time for her brother, he can make her laugh even if she is in a bad mood. They are great.