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Because back men are sexy, confident and clearly know they are men. 

They are confident in their masculinity, their sexuality. They have, in my experience, been soft-spoken and assertive, and have shown impeccable manners and charm.

They look better than white men, they seem to stay in shape longer and better than white men.

Their skin and bodies are delicious!

i'm not saying white men aren't attractive, however they don't always seem as assertive or confident.

i'm not attracted to white men over 40, because so many just don't present themselves in a very favorable light. A great one could come along, but i haven't seen him yet. Just in my circles probably. It's not them, just me and how i feel.







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My dear, tell your story your way and leave it! We need not justify or more finely describe your experiences. For me, you've described your attractions, desire, and experiences. I don't know you, but I believe your comments are not absolute, since there are likely exceptions. For example, a homeless Black man, even with a chiseled body, would not likely get a date (unless you are feeling charitable-lol). On the other hand, a nice looking White guy with charisma and double-digit compatibility points would not be dismissed solely because of heritage (unless you have early on-set of Alzheimer's-just kiddin'). ~Ciao

i know nothing about the legend, though i have heard it. Some day if i'm blessed to be in a relationship i get first hand knowledge. However, it will not be his size that keeps me. i suspect that all men are created equal regardless of color ... some small, some medium and some large.<br />
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i base my feelings on the men i have known through out my life. Maybe a small percentage compared to others but a fairly large amount for me. <br />
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The shade of their skin has varied from deep rich chocolate to mocha to brown to caramel. All their skin tones are delicious to me. Sensuous, mesmerizing, electrifying and for a few intoxicating. i will admit that their skin color is a strong attractant for me. <br />
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But there is so much more to human beings than skin color.<br />
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His character, the real man, is what really holds me as i get to know him. As for his equipment ... it will be his ability in pleasing me that will hold me also. But his character, as well as his understanding, loyalty, feelings and other intangibles like these that he has toward me that will hold my heart.<br />
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That is what my stories are trying to explain. Maybe i'm not doing it so well.

i understand. Most men do prefer girls.<br />
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I am attracted to certain men, not ALL men. Just as certain me are attracted to me, not ALL men. <br />
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In my experience there are great guys and jerks of all colors, and the same is true for women.<br />
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It is really hard to find a good partner. So why would anyone narrow their options by excluding most of the population? <br />
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White, black, yellow, red, or green, we're all the same ... human beings.

Oh, yes ... they exist both ways. i can agree with that. Generally speaking in my experience, this writing true for me.