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Cover Pic

We are Leslie & Dave and I love my hubby a LOT and do what I can to keep a smile on his face :)
One thing he REALLY enjoys is touch, rubbing and playing with my feet and toes and likewise, I enjoy rubbing my feet and toes all over his thick, hard ****.

One day he asked me to use a new polish, which was blue and I did as he asked. They came out really nice, so nice he got excited just looking at them!

So, we hit the bed, he ******** off his shorts and kneeled at my feet. I put my toes up to run all over his balls and ****, which got him hard and dripping with precum.

The then took over and started stroking that sweet **** of his until he blew his load all over my feet. The result was something that looked AMAZING and so he quickly grabbed the camera and snapped of the pic that yuo see as the cover pic for this group.

Hope you enjoy the pic and story (it's true!) as much as we enjoyed making it for you!
cupl4funva cupl4funva 46-50, F 72 Responses Jun 22, 2012

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I would love to lick your pretty feet and toes clean. It is one of my favorite fantasy's.

Lucky man!!

I would love to see yours and have you view us and comment!

I can appreciate this experience, good for you two😄

Where is the pic?

Great that you both enjoy sharing that passion so much and thanks for showing us the result!! :)

add please

Would love to see the pic, I also love women's feet.

Looking forward to seeing the pics

I joined one couple just north of you in the southern DC suburbs that shared something you like. The husband had his wife use her feet to stroke me till my *** covered her feet/toes. His kick was to tongue clean her toes afterwards. This couple got even kinkier but I'll leave the details to the imagination. Bill in Va.

That is hot that you would do that for your man!

Yessir... [M'am]

You sound like a HOT1!!

Quite the steamy story indeed!! It's the 1st one of yours that I've read and I know it's NOT the last!

I would like to be invited into to your world and enjoy many more of your visuals & steamy stories!!!

Thanks So Much,


For the Friendation...!

Amazingly sexy and thanks for sharing :)

Funny. I get turned by my wife's feet too

Never had a full fledged foot job ! you sound very sexy and creative ! id love to see and hear more !

Very hot stories....

so delicious - mmmmmm

Beautiful Story !!! I would love to see some feet and toes pics of you!

Great story. My husband loves sexy feet. He can spend an hour trimming and polishing my nails. Rolls up little strips of paper towels to put between my toes. Does a fantastic job. When done he'll lay me on my back with my tush at the edge of the bed and my feet on his chest and wear me out. Thank you for sharing. Your profile picture is beautiful !!

Gorgeous wife

Sounds so sexy!

Never tried anything like that, but it sounds very erotic!

that sounds like fun :-)

Great story and a wonderful avatar. I hope we can be friends.

wish i was there to lick his *** off your feet

woudl love to see that picture ;-)

Wow , I see your *** covered feet now.what a load..Did hubby clean your feet by licking it off ??

Great pic AND a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing.

loved to see those

Where is the blue nail polish?