Ode to the Hot Sign and Krispy Kreme

I am moved to woo thee

fair and lovely cashier

give to me your supple pastries

Tasting of its sweetness

praised in every bite

Thy warmth consoles my appetite

Oh Krispy Kreme forever shall

my undying love remember thee

ichooselife ichooselife
36-40, F
6 Responses Mar 24, 2009

oooey gooey goodness...bring me 4 back plain glaze.

I worked in the Economic Development department for my city's chamber of commerce several years ago and after my visit to ATL. I put a bug in my boss's ear to recruit KK to our city. I was thrilled when they opened their first store. Call your local chamber and ask for the recruitment of business. Tell em how you feel. It creates jobs.

They are the BEST!!!! All ooey gooey! OMGosh I have to go get one tonight :-)

They are so delicious. If there was a place around here that made them and I could get them fresh off the belt, oh that'd be heaven!

Scooby....I have to tell ya! I can taste them now. I get weak at the thought. The first time I ever tasted them was in Atlanta Georgia.

One of the best things I have ever tasted in my life, A fresh still warm Krispy right off the conveyor belt near Erie Pennsylvania. I stopped there on the way home from a road trip for coffees and something to pick me up and they GAVE me one for free. Frickin' awesome!