Me Too...

But I'm not allowed to eat them because my mom is on a diet and won't allow them in the house.

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8 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Take a trip north and get em fresh from the factory!! Did you see my story about them....I make bread pudding with them YUMMMMMMMM!

It's got all that glaze on it... I'm not really a glazed fan.

Haha, not quite, see, krispy kreme is GOOD!

That's like saying automatically being born in the city they were founded in makes me a Pirates fan, lol.

I know but they are soooo good! I guess, living in the state where krispy kreme started, that automatically makes me a fan though lol

I'm a Dunkin Donuts man myself... Krispy Kreme is not of very much variety.

I know, they have them at the grocery store here in NC, but they're sooooooooo much better from Krispy Kreme. I like to get the dozen with chocolate icing on them, mmm!

They have them at gas stations in my area here on the east coast :-) Go get just one....and eat it on the way home!!