Extra Baggage

The Pleasures of retail therapy:

Ya spend like ya owe it (Bit-ches go green with envy).

Ya dun get hated for that (Sales-staffs luv the commission ya bring em).

Ya forget the hole ya burn in your pocket (Ask the sales-staffs for more colors of the design your gettin, their glad your pourin commission into their paychecks).

Retail therapy's never been so good cos ya burn calories while lookin like ya own the world with cash on your fingertips when your at R.T (Fling the designers shoppin bags across the inconsiderate bit-ch who's obstructin your path but doesn't gif a hoot).

Ya save money too, if your my kind: Shop-till-ya-drop; dun feel hunger pangs when your huntin down stuff on your wish-list (Save on the cents and spend on the dollars, actually, lol. I'd actually save more if I were eatin instead of shoppin =p).

Your bound ta've the greatest siesta bak home, feelin like a triumphant champ, grinnin yourself ta sleep (Just keep away from the account balance for sum tm).

Dress yourself next day for work, lookin like a million dollars (It works like a potent spell effective nuff ta divert your tendency ta check The account balance).

aprelcot aprelcot
22-25, F
Aug 4, 2007