Such A Sweetheart!

Selena gomez is one of the most kind hearted and sweet celebrities I know. Though I do not know her personally I have accounts on and have left e-mails, comments, and even a phone call to her via Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Don't take this the wrong way! I am not trying to stalk selena gomez or am being obsessive I just think it would be wonderful to somehow make touch with her in one way or another at least someday. I have heard the stories of how she is involved with UNICEF and all the wonderful things she has done like taking the time to actually call her fans and tell them how much they are appreciated. Seriously how many celebrities do that? She is probably the closest to being normal celebrity I know and yes I do love her! You know it's a really short life and I am trying to accomplish as many things as possible some of which include really high wishes to meet my fave celebrities! I know it's a chance lower than winning the jackpot but I'm at least trying. I don't think I will live a long life just because I have some heart problems including hypertension which my doctor warned me I could have so I'm under a little more stress to live life to the fullest a little more quickly.

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5 Responses Mar 1, 2010

I love her too :). She a sweet and beautiful person, and her music is awesome!

Hi sweetheart that's so sweet! ❀️😘😘 hoping to meet you someday! You will live a long life just believe. and i believe in that! Stay strong my sweetheart i don't want my fans to feel that way! 😊😘☺️☺️❀️😘 love you! x

shes the most amazing person

Selena is gorgeous!! I lover her Teen Vogue from June 2009 and June 2011, pretty as a princess.

I agree! she is so sweet and talented! she doesn't take her fame for granted and recognizes that sheis very fortunate, and she wants to use he fame for good causes.