I felt insulted while watching this film.  I could not even finish watching it and I usaully watch movies in their entirety.  The entire point of BORAT is to show the world how America generally views 3rd world countries.  Whatever humor there was in the film was crude.

iriseyes iriseyes
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It is not necessary to make a movie for showing the american's mind. We all know, they're so stupid! Even after seeing this movie

I LMAO at the movie. It was great.

This movie is great! I loved it! It does shows that the general American population is... how should I put it? Stupid! Intelligent Americans that I know find this movie hillarious. So... oh! And you also need to be a little morbid to find the humor in the more disgusting scenes.

Whilein one sense i could laugh along with it.... in another i found the movie very distasteful.......