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When Did It Start ,this Wonderful Feeling

Thinking back 50yrs i think it was in first grade. The school i went to had coat rooms. If you didn't get there early you ended up at the end of a 15 foot long hallway. The guys and i were generaly late, not for class but for hanging up our coats. After going down that hall so many times i started noticing the girls coats and all the different color boots,it was winter. A lot of us would carry our shoes in abag then change our boots in school. Then i noticed what  girls were wearing. the pretty dresses.knee-socks or ankle-socks and mary-janes or penny loafers. I finally had to try something on.I made sure i was the one going in the hall. It had only one light in there. I was alone and had acouple of minutes to try on anything i wanted. I remember trying on 3 or 4 pairs on before i found apair that fit. It was heaven. I waited acouple days before i did it again.This time I tryed on a coat and boots. After that all i could think about was trying more on. I started looking at the clothes the girls were wearing alot more. Its hard to remember that far back, but now i think this was my first time. I know i took many chances to try on girls clothes anywhere or anytime i could. I am just now starting to remember those good times. I very seldom talked about those days. My wife and family have known for years. I've told my wife afew stories ( it never bothered her that i dressed) . I have told my daughter(she is 17) acouple stories since. I am trying to remember more. I LOVE talking about my experiences, especially since finding others like me.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 4 Responses Jan 7, 2011

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I would love to talk to others about getting dressed up! LUCKY YOU!!

Thats why I enjoy reading your stories becaue. like me, you like to talk about it.

Thank u.

I love talking completely openly, but there aren't many to talk to. My homeopath & reiki therapist; the lovely gay young man who's sorting my wig out; and a close les-bi friend. Others like my masseuse know (I only ever wear pretty lingerie). I have to know when to stop with my wife - we're getting through but it isn't always easy.<br />
<br />
Talking is wonderful therapy. I'm not in the least awkward or embarrassed, it's always the other person.

I think it's great that you are able to be so open with your family and that they are accepting! Good on you! :)