At the ***** Club

This story takes place just a couple of years ago in Georgia.Along the interstate there are clubs set up mainly for truck drivers to come in and have a break and look at the girls.If the place doesn't serve alcohol and does serve food you can have total nudity.If they serve drinks the girls can't get naked.I decided to stop at a place that had total nudity.While I'm not a truck driver I do have a commercial license and got in for free.I ordered a coke for $3 and sat down.There was a black gal on the bar shaking her thang and another gal got up and joined her. Now I have a thing for black women and I was watching intently.As I watched her the other gal got closer to her and began to touch her.As the music picked up(these places are so loud you would'nt know if a war was going on outside) the second girl started rubbing up and down the black girl.She kissed her neck and rubbed her ****.Then with my **** at full attention she licked with an exaggerated motion all around her thighs.Guys were whooping and hollering and the place went wild.I stayed for 3 hours watching just about everthing you can imagine.Girls playing with ******,playacting ************,fingering their ********,laying with their legs wide and opening their *******,69ing each other,everything.I found out later some of the women would for a fee get into sleeper cabs in the big rigs and do it all.Never had a drop to drink or got any ***** but had a hell of a time.  
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51-55, M
Oct 21, 2006