Your Party Experiances

Wow, this is one of my vices, I just love to party.  Weather it is at a bar/club/pub or someones house.  I walk in the door n the party gets rockin.  I tend to get people up and moving.  I love to dance (but this white gurl has no rythem), and dance I do.  I have women and guys up on me all the time grabbin my tattas, choocie, and *** while grindin up on me.  Me n some of my gurls get a lil wild n freeky with eachother...(if ya catch my drift).  I'm for the most part a strigait up beer drinker, but sometimes will do a shot or two.  Give me a ice cold Miller Lite n I will be happy as long as I don't run out.

ya only live once so party hard, before it is too late.

crazycoolcat28 crazycoolcat28
26-30, F
Sep 10, 2006