I am 100% me and there is no other person out there that is exactly like me but what if i dont know who i am. maybe thats just another part of being me, of not knowing who i am. but i mean if i dont know who i am then how can i say that anything is just part of my character. or maybe im just another one of those lost teenagers, ya know? just looking for themsleves in the world, for a place they fit in. ive dressed so many different ways, talked so many different ways, been around so many different people i kinda lost myself and just turned into who those poeple wanted me to be. i dont have one clue who i am or who i want to be becuase i let my bfs dictate all of that cuz what people dont know is i am really just a broken girl looking for that happy ending and i will do anything to get that perfect ending with that guy everyone dreams of. ive given up everything for every guy i have been with and let them walk all over me hoping that maybe, just maybe i have finally found the place i belong. but i am aware that that is insanity because i cant really find the place i belong unless i find myself first and stop putting up acts. to bad i know that i will spend the rest of my life home sick for that place that i never once had.
hurtingforever hurtingforever
13-15, F
Nov 5, 2012