I Hope My Dream Will Come True...

Hi.. i'm BiLaFi and i'm 16..and  i have a passion for music.. in fact music is everything i do well and everything i dream for my feature..  The problem is that i'm not from usa .... And in my country BEING A SINGER is easier than EVERYTHING ealse IN THE WORLD.. but i'm not happy with that.. DO I DESERVE THAT? No.. i wanna sing with all my heart  in front of million peoples..  Is there any chance to be famous   and i;m not JUST SAYING like the others  I WANNA BE FAMOUS WITHOUT A REASSON... I 'm really working hard for this..   I KNOW THAT GOD MADE ME WITH THE SAME HANDS AND WE'RE ALL THE GOD'S  CHILDRENS he loves  us in the same way..  WHY CAN;T I BE the one of them? Why can't i make my dream comes true... I hope that i'm not making a mistake for having such a big planes and dreames for my life...  every advice is really helpfull from you .. THANK YOU

Bilafi Bilafi
18-21, F
3 Responses Nov 26, 2009

I think people are famous because of their achievements. If people love not you, but your music u will become famous.

Ya i hear ya!!<br />
its not wat u kno <br />
its who u kno well sometimes<br />
Ppl j ust get a lucky break sumtimes<br />
<br />
Good luck though!! :)