I'm a believer and don't consider myself a snob. I respect your right to believe as you want. I choose to believe. I have been a scientist, of sorts, all my adult life. I believe in evolution. I don't believe in everything in the Bible. I believe the Bible was written by humans and contains valuable truths and foolish projections. That, to me, does not mean there is not a creator. I believe that God is a very personal concept. I believe in the Ten Commandments. I believe in the Golden Rule. I believe in a final judgement. If God is only within ourselves then in the end we will judge how we lived our lives. If we sin, and I mean by our own value system, we will regret our actions, and have remorse. What is hell? To me hell is the self condemnation of knowing we are not all we could have been. Have not been as kind or generous as we should have been. Have not accomplished as much as we should have. I try to be kind and understanding in everyday life. In the end whether I'm judged by a external God or by my post hummus self, i know I've done my best. I ask you what's not to believe. Some choose not to believe in the teachings of the Bible. I wonder why. What do they believe in? To me life without kindness, caring for others, indeed love for other people is not worth living. What does it cost? Do you believe in nothing? I don't believe God is a grey haired man sitting an a throne in the sky. My God is my road map to living my life. I would be lost without "Him", He is within me. If this sounds like preaching, I'm sorry. It's just that I believe so strongly.
hancockian hancockian
70+, M
Aug 25, 2014