I Like To Wear Girls Dresses

I have worn dresses since I was about 5. It was at a family members house and I went in to the bath room, I closed the door and I saw it hanging there. A white dress, like a wedding dress. I tried it on and I felt good. Then I toke it off the next night I went in and tried it on again, at that moment my cousin came in to the bath room and saw me wearing the dress, so I was caught in the act, I didn't wear another dress till i was about 9 when i tried on one of my moms dresses. I've kept doing it since. Now I have my own girls clothes and I have stoped wearing my moms clothes Actually im going to halloween as a girl, im going to be at the West HollyWood halloween carnival 2010.
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Yum, it is so much fun dressing up as a girl for Halloween, because you can wear any type of feminine girls costume from being a princess to a Lolita girl and it is ok. :-)

I have always been fascinated by women's clothes. i am a boy but am androgynous so dressing as a girl is no problem. The first time my step sister dressed me up was for a Halloween party. we went as a fifties couple. I wore a wig, makeup, one of her bras, a full skirt and panties. We went out and bought some white nylon briefs to be authentic. The only non-period clothing were pantyhose. She wore a suit, a fake mustache, a tie and to be really authentic, she put some Trojan rubbers in her pocket. We won the prize for most authentic.
After that I dressed as a girl often. My step and I went shopping and bought me...actually she got some for herself as well....a couple panty girdles, some stockings and three garter belts. We were going to another party and I wore a panty girdle for the first time. She had me put white nylon briefs on under the girdle which was a panty brief style. I wore stockings with it. By then I also had several bras which I wore with inserts.
My first time in a garter belt was different. I had gone to a party dressed as a cheer leader. I had on all-sheer nude pantyhose and the cheerleader uniform panties over them. I was talking with my older sister's girlfriend who started rubbing my leg. "Wearing pantyhose are you? I have something I think you'll find more interesting. Come home with us tonight." I did and when we got to her house she took me to her bedroom while my older step sister waited in the living room. She went to her dressed and took out a white lace garter belt and told me to take off my skirt, pantyhose and panties. I was wearing white panties under the hose so I kept those on. She showed me how to put the garter belt on. I pulled the panties down, snapped it on and them pulled the hitched part around and then pulled the straps under the panties. She then gave me a pair of tan nylons and showed me how to attach the garters to them so that they stayed in place. after i was all set i remember really enjoying the feeling of wearing the garter belt. After a bit I had to change back to my cheerleader costume because that's all I had on. That night I told my stepsister about this and she told me that she figured I'd enjoy garter belts. I had already bought three with her but had never tried one on. Since then I often wear one when I go out dressed as a woman and sometimes I even wear one with nylons under my jeans rather than pantyhose.

This for background:
I developed a real appreciation of underskirts and especially nylon underskirts quite early on about eight years. It started with my mother's slip drawer, I was frightened of being caught feeling her underwear. Then at school I invariably selected 4 femail roles and as I got older, 13, and was about to be fitted for a frock with my housemasters wife and Matron he called me into his office and said it was a delicate matter but he had reassured the ladies I would be willing to wear one of Matrons petticoats so as not to soil or damage the ladies dresses and also out of good old fashioned manners. I felt a tingling of panic as I climbed the wax floored stairs and corridor to Matron where she and Mrs Grainger had frocks and 3 full slips and 2 waist slips laid out for me. Matron's slips were of nylon and fully trimmed with lace at the hem.
At first the women were sombre & professional but increasingly they giggled albeit with pity as they helped me into the items and fussed about me. I told them I was very nervous about wearing a dress but they said nonsense, don't worry. I also pleaded whether I had to also wear a petticoat as I felt this crossed a line but they said they had no choice, the Housemaster was very specific.
Later, my slips and dresses chosen I was led to the housemasters room as he'd asked to check the final result running his fingers around the hem of my skirt and slip and nodding with approval.

Great story girly, hope things work out

I wear j Jill type clothes as I have lost my masculinity . I have become effeminate but more like I am not a guy anymore . My wife puts a lot of natural looking makeup on me and likes me too wear my hair in French twist or braids when we go out . I begged her to buy me a Greek gown for our local ballet and she had a blue empire dress goddess style made for me . Her sister's husband helped escort me or I was too afraid of just going with my wife.



my older sister dressed me as a girl from 3 years and makeup

I started the same way except with my sisters clothes!
I have yet to do it for Halloween but i'd love to!

Fabulous sweetie

Nice story!! Can you add me b/c it won't let me even add you to my circle

Im cool with it. Wish I had that freedom. My wife is aware, but hates it. I have to sneak around if I want to dress up.

When I was 7 I put on my cousins fuzzy top and pants in my room I loved it now I still do it

This reminds me of my first experience, aged 9. For awhile, I had been checking out my older sister's (age 11) panty drawer. Finally, I took a pair and headed to the one bathroom in our apartment. and shut the door. A beautiful pair of yellow panties (now they would call them "granny panties"). I took off my pants and underwear and slipped them on. Here's the part nobody will believe: I experienced the most delicious feeling - what I now recognize as an ******. My mother would relate this orther story about when I was four - that my sister, then six, would a number of times try to pull a pair of pink little girl's panties on me while I struggled. So maybe that's where it started. Of course I wear women's clothes to this day, put only went public once.

Way to go!

honey if you feel good about it then wear your frilly things and enjoy the feelings that it brings you

Amber....two things 1.ur a very prety girl ;)<br />
And 2. F*** ur uncle....its his fault he isnt ok with it amber....i would gues ur An amazing person and its his fault he isnt open minded about it.....i know its probly hard but u have alot of peopke online hear and i would gues a freind or to to acsept it....u are who u are dont ever fell ashamed or like a freak :) ur a prety girl and ur name fits ;) hehehehe *giggles*

I again am hoping to go out this Time in the day on a beach and ride bikes and if this works out then maybe I could go out to a movie, a fair, a mall, anywhere public. The problem my mom does not like me buying the clothes is that she says that I get no actual use out of them I just try them on in my room and that for the money I paid for them I don't get the use out of them.

i would like to try boy dresses instead of the plain old girl dress you speak of :/

I did the WeHo carnival last Halloween for the first time in Years. My silver heels were too high for all that walking. First time to be there for my new boyfriend. Amazing congregation of all types.

Well it toke a while fir me to find my pass word but I did go out on Halloween and I don't have a sister it was my cousins dress. Plus it was not at west holywood but around my city that I live in with my friend.

Elizabethamber, you are a wonderful person and I am so happt to hear that you were able to enjoy your trip out, as for your mom plan on more talks and alot of questions and her slowly comeing to terms with the fact that you are who you are dresses and all if you only get to enjoy your pretty cloths in your room then for now that will be enogh of a reason to spend the money on them

Being caught in a dress at five must have been a scary experience, there must have been some conversation between you and you sister. I find it hard to believe that you find't have other dress sessions for four more years. When was the earliest that you were dressed completely as a little girl? Thank you for starring. Elizabethjane

Being caught in a dress at five must have been a scary experience, there must have been some conversation between you and you sister. I find it hard to believe that you find't have other dress sessions for four more years. When was the earliest that you were dressed completely as a little girl? Thank you for starring. Elizabethjane


He is not ok with what I am doing.

i dont know ive got an uncle that does not know about it and im scared what should i do?

My Dear; your parents are first in line when it comes to approval. With all the uncles and aunts and cousins in the world, you may never get complete approval.
I'm in my late fifties and I'm still dealing with it.
Keep in mind you also have many friands who will support you.

Alot of young people here, like yourself, can't even get an acknowledgement of the problem.<br />
Whether you choose to leave the safety of your home is entirely up to you. At least you went to your parent. Have you also talked to them about your feelings and for how long.<br />
Does your mom know of your collection of girls clothing? Ask her if you can at least wear your things at home. This will alleviate a lot of stress on you. Then later after she (your mom) gets accustomed to your new personna you can venture out into the world on your terms.

1 why is that.<br />
2 im not going to west hollywood afterall<br />
3 i dont even know if im going to leave the house :(

What happened?

At least you can get out of the house.

she does not aprove of it. and the feel of the breeze is very plesent plus my profile pic is what i am going as for halloween.

if you want to you can check out my profile, my stories or look at the picture albums. There isn't any ****, just boy untowards yourself that like to wear dresses. If you have any questions just ask me.

Isn't it a wonderful experience to be able to wear a dresses, along with a pair of nylon or silk panties.<br />
To be able to feel the breezez whirl up around your thighs. Does your mom let you wear the dresses?