I Was Put In Dresses Since My First Birthday

Ever since I was one my mum put me in dresses and petticoats. I'm almost 15 and my mumcompletely hates me becuase I crossdress and tbh it's her fault. But anyway I'll tell you two stories. The first is where I got to try on a wedding dress. You see my mum didn't actually get married so she put her dress in the loft. I knew this and when she went away for a few days so I got it down. This was about a year after it was bought so I was pretty much the right size. Igot it down and took it out the bag. When I saw it, it looked amazing. It was white and had a beautiful design of leaves and flowers on it. So I got into it and it was really soft and cosy. It was about the right size it wouldve helped if I were abit taller but I didn't mind really. I will say though it is really difficult to get on because of the zip and the buttons on the back of it. I was on my own so I did my best but it was abit loose. After getting into it there was another bag. It had these amazing 6 inch kind of glass slippers in. It also had the head dress in it, how could I resist? I put them on and they were just the right size. It was quite hard to move as the dress was quite big I will say though I did look good. It was a very fun day but I couldn't wear it for long cus it took the **** to put away and I can't do it now because it'll be too short. :(
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Fabulous sweetie

I was also,but I'm glad now,because I love looking and being femine

Hi sophie.<br />
My first time in a dress that I put on myself was when I was about 7 when I was playing with a girl, she dared me. My mother had treated me as a girl since I can remember, you should see my baby photos. She stopped dressing me feminine when I would have been 2-3 years old, but that didn't stop her from treating me as a girl and even caught me dressed in her clothes at around 14 and she knows I am serious and accepts that is a part of me now. <br />
Well, anyway Melodie is correct. So what that you dress, just be yourself and If you feel better expressing yourself while dressed up then so be it.<br />
<br />
I dress to be a woman, not just a guy in a dress. As a woman I can be just myself and express myself without recourse. when in male clothes I feel so inhibited and have to watch what I do, I feel like a girl who is pretending to be a guy.<br />
<br />
I know all to well it is very daunting to come out of the closet, but its YOUR life, not there's. Soon you will leave school and that phase is over, gone, history, so why worry about it. <br />
Pleeeese don't let your fears control your life as it has mine, you are at that fantastic age of discovering yourself. <br />
Oh what fantastic memories I have having fun fully dressing up in my mothers clothes at your age and that very first time outside in the big world when I went for a walk around a few blocks in mothers clothes from head to toe, not a shred of male clothes on me. 14 is a magic age<br />
I wish you all the best.

Great story Sophie,u go girl

Good story sophie, You are a fantastic person. You are honest. That is a rare quality any more..Not to many people are honest like you. If yualways are honest and open people (most people )will be honest with you. ....Sollina

gosh i'd love to have a boi like you as my friend, i'd dress you up all the time

i wish u could do the above to me