I Have Always Loved Dresses!

Yes... there was never a time that I can remember that I did not love the idea of wearing a dress. Some of my earliest memories are of playing dress-up with my sister and wearing a pretty party dress. The dress-up box was certainly my favorite "toy" as a child... and I was lucky to have my sister (3 years older) to play with... as she would treat me like her little living doll. As I grew older, my love for dresses and all things girly only grew... although I had to hide these feelings from most people. But luckily, I had my sister...and she seemed to understand me. So, all through my grade school ages... she would continue to dress me up and to make me up and the little girl i wanted to be. It was soooo much fun to be a girl with her and to talk about girl things... even if we did have to hide it from everyone else. Oh... a couple of times we did get caught by my mom... but she just talked our way out of it with no major consequences. When I became a teenager, my sister was not around as much :( but I still dressed whenever possible. And... she continued to give me her "hand-me-downs" which i kept secretly hidden in the attic. There was a couple of occasions when my parents were away for the weekend and she had come home for the weekend and I spent the entire weekend in girl mode.... even going out shopping.... adventures i would never forget. Now, I wear dresses and skirts whenever I can... i love going out in public dressed in girl mode and actually volunteer weekly at a women's center as a secretary in girl mode! I totally enjoy every single time i put on a dress and skirt. The feeling of putting a dress on over my head and having it unravel and settle neatly over my body and takes its feminine form over my bones and flesh is like nothing else. Each time I wear a dress i get that same wonderful feeling as the first times i had put them on as a child. The feeling of the movement of the dress on my torso and arms and legs as i walk is like nothing else. the feeling of the skirt around my legs as i stand, sit or walk is a constant reminder of my femininty. I love pretty party dresses and beautiful fabrics they are made from. Silky fabrics which move so gracefully over my skin. Stiffer satins and tulle which give my body a more delecat and feminine form. The beautiful lace and ribons and bows which adorn these dresses are so wonderful. But, so too are the more simple casual dresses which i wear so casually around the house doing my normal daily activities. I luv them all and feel so lucky that I am able to wear them so often!
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Lucky you having a sister that liked to help you dress up as a girl. My Mom dressed me up a couple times for Halloween and that was my childhood memory highlight!

i just love wearing salwar kurta and sarees..

My memories of the dress up box are still very vivid and I continue to enjoy recreating that feeling.

Girls clothing is the best!

i like

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pumps have shorter heels

I love pumps, sandals, wedges, heels of all types! I am wearing a pair of uber cute coral 4 1/2" platform wedges right now..yay!

I have worn them, but prefer pumps

I love the feel of skirts and dresses on my skin I move way faster with them on

Wish that I had a sister like that!


I also love wearing dresses and undergarments. I as child I just love the feel of my sisters cloths touching my body. I had five sisters but none as open minded as yours. I woul dress up and go out at night walking the streets and pretending I was a girl. I still have that feeling today but not the guts to make it real.

I used to just put on a one piece body briefer and sneak or at night to wander around and play.