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When I Was 11

I remmber this so well i wa one of the few boys in school who had long hair teased a lot buy other boys and some girls,until one day i was at a friends house he had a sister who was 3 years old and some time dressed him up for fun,she said she would dress us both and soon i was in my frist school girl out fit panties and bra i just loved it.After that i was at his house when ever i could Tim grew out of dressing up but i did and lucky for me Ann loved t odress and see me dressed
bobbyboy652 bobbyboy652 13-15 7 Responses Oct 26, 2011

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like wearing dresses because they are comfortable! I also like the looks of them! I feel less bored when in a dress! I feel more comfortable and confident in a dress! I dislike mens clothes as they are drab and seldom fit right therefore extremely uncomfortable! I wish I could get away with wearing womans clothes 24/7! I know when crossdressed I look like a beautiful girl.....

You need to tell her how much you luv being dressed up and also ask her to paint your nails and toes and help you with makeup. Tell her you want to look like and act like a girl all the time. She may give you some of her hand me downs to get tarted with.

If you love to dress (your words) you should talk to your mom about it. You are not the only son who likes dresses and skirts. Join the groupd Tales of Miss Janice, Miss Harley and Miss Penny. Theses are girls who like boys who dress and have boy friends they dress as girls. They are the same age as you too.

I know that wonderful feeling too sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

hi sammi thanks maybe we could chat some time

Very Nice Bobby, You are lucky to have a friend with a sister like that. Are you still having her dress you or dressing on your own? I would love to see some pictures. Message me and I will give you my email address.

hello no now i dress my self she when away :)
my email is

Did you get a chance to talk to your mom about wearing dresses and skirts at home with her. Exchange your girl time with her by doing some things she likes to do.

yes i did thank you :)

thank you i just tell her

You welcome Bobby from one Bobby to another.

You should read my featured story on my profile for Halloween.

Melodie your like a guys best friend. ok so one time when i was sleeping my mom snuck in when i was grounded and was sneaking me into girls clothing a blue flower gown white tights and some black sandals

Did you talk to your mom? What did she say? I would love to hear more.

I'd bet you loved being mom's special girl, I did. Did she ever take you outside when she dressed you? I got to even go outside and play with girls in my neighborhood.

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If you like to wear dresses and stuff then enjoy it. You know some moms will let their sons wear girls clothing at home, dresses, skirts, panties and the like. You should talk to your mom and see if she would allow you to have "GIRL" time at home. You are her son and no matter what happens you will always be a part of her. Talk to her in private or suggest that you would like to be a girl this halloween, you still have time.