When I Was 11

I remmber this so well i wa one of the few boys in school who had long hair teased a lot buy other boys and some girls,until one day i was at a friends house he had a sister who was 3 years old and some time dressed him up for fun,she said she would dress us both and soon i was in my frist school girl out fit panties and bra i just loved it.After that i was at his house when ever i could Tim grew out of dressing up but i did and lucky for me Ann loved t odress and see me dressed
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like wearing dresses because they are comfortable! I also like the looks of them! I feel less bored when in a dress! I feel more comfortable and confident in a dress! I dislike mens clothes as they are drab and seldom fit right therefore extremely uncomfortable! I wish I could get away with wearing womans clothes 24/7! I know when crossdressed I look like a beautiful girl.....

I know that wonderful feeling too sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

hi sammi thanks maybe we could chat some time

Very Nice Bobby, You are lucky to have a friend with a sister like that. Are you still having her dress you or dressing on your own? I would love to see some pictures. Message me and I will give you my email address.

hello no now i dress my self she when away :)
my email is bobbyboy652@yahoo.ca

yes i did thank you :)

thank you i just tell her

Melodie your like a guys best friend. ok so one time when i was sleeping my mom snuck in when i was grounded and was sneaking me into girls clothing a blue flower gown white tights and some black sandals

Did you talk to your mom? What did she say? I would love to hear more.